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Over the years I felt challenged to see how far I could take leather into the mature, feminine fashion arena. Leather is not just for young people. It is for ANYONE who understands and appreciates quality, who understands the importance of feeling they are unique in their individual expression of personal fashion, and for those who revel in the feel and sensuality of quality leather.

Working with leathers and suedes is very different than working with traditional fabrics. It requires special machines and techniques that combine the mastery of using hand tools and various paraphernalia in uncommon ways to bring forth all of the beauty and unique qualities leather possesses.

I use only the finest quality skins that are available. As in any industry, you should use sources with extensive experience and who are the best in their field of expertise. My suppliers are the absolute best and most knowledgeable about the effects of various climates on the pelts during growth and how that translates into the finished qualities of different tanning processes. I work closely with them to be sure the client's design is perfectly matched to the most appropriate skins that will achieve the ultimate end product.

Chuwee Leather is a newly trademarked line of fashion that is now, and will always be synonymous with high end, couture leather creations. I would suggest you peruse the artistry and the gallery sections of this site to understand the endless possibilities of leather creations. The level of expertise required to mold leathers and suedes into these uncommon applications will ignite and inspire your creative senses, assuring you that the styles are limitless.
Chuwee Leathers® is a division of Lynda's Couture, owned by Lynda Narrone'-Bunn.
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Chuwee Leathers®
Chuwee Leather is a subsidiary of Lynda's Couture (which has been in business for over 20 years) and operates with the same principles and custom features as the original company. Visit
Leather fashion has always been a strong portion of my design passion.
About Chuwee Leathers®